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Our company assures full service for all products commercialized as follows: maintenance, warranty- and post warranty service, original spare parts and consumables. Our service offer is valid for the entire territory of Romania.

Professional counseling
Through our qualified service team we assure technical counseling to select the proper equipment (power, construction etc.) and also its optimal mounting location (dimensions and adjustment of the engine-room). We put at our clients’ disposal useful technical information already in the very first phases of their quotation requests. The counseling fee will be deducted from the value of the equipment at purchase.

Delivery to the client
Delivery straight to the requested location of all goods (equipment and spare parts) is assured by our company.
We dispose of all necessary technical documentation issued by the producers, that is required for all sorts of installation, mounting, putting into function and all other service works.

On our client’s request our service team assures the installation and mounting of the purchased equipment that covers the following actions: construction, cabling, modifying the electrical distribution panel, ventilation, soundproof facilities for open skid gensets, exhaust piping from the genset to the outside (based on service quotation). All these works substantially depend on the location chosen and disposed by the client for the installation. On our clients’ demand we assure (against charge) technical supervision on mounting if the installation is not made by our company.

Putting into function
After finishing the installation works, our service team puts the equipment into function and also does the testing without- and under load.

All of our service works – installation project, installation itself, putting into function, warranty and post warranty maintenance, troubleshooting and repair – are carried out by our full time. These high quality service works are promptly executed at our service center. All commercialized equipments have CE and ISO certificate.

Warranty Service
Warranty service is assured by our highly trained and qualified technical team. In case of an equipment in warranty in Romania, we assume to give an answer within max. 5 days and troubleshooting within max. 15 days from date of fault.

Post-Warranty Service
We offer service support after the expiry of the warranty period for the equipments purchased from us. We can assure spare parts and consumables for 10 years after the expiry of the warranty period of all goods sold by us. The equipments do not have limited usage spare parts, unless overload. Otherwise, if they are functioning in the proper environment and are being regularly maintained according to the producer’s descriptions time limited usage should not be a concern. We perform all maintenance service with our own tools and electric meters. The necessary consumables for the maintenance of generating sets are the following: engine oil and fuel-, air-, oil- and cooling liquid filters.
We supply the oil through Romanian distributors and the filters through the several different official representatives of engine producers. The prices of the consumables are the ones given by the distributors in Romania.
We are not taking responsibility under warranty period for generating sets located outside Romania or operated under wrong environment that are against the regulations of the EU standards set up for generating set producers.

Original spare parts
For all supplied equipment we assure spare parts, accessories and consumables for warranty and in post-warranty period as well. The warranty period of the new spare parts is the one approved by the supplier depending on the reparations’ aspect and replaced spare parts. The usual warranty period for a warranty reparation is 3 (three) months while it is 1 (one) year for the replaced spare parts as long as the maintenance periods suggested by the producers are kept and the faults are unknown to the end-user. Warranty is not approved if the equipment is not functioning in the proper environment or in the right operation, or it is unacceptably overload and recoursed, or the maintenance periods are neglected.

Training of the operation personnel
We train the personnel that is going to have the equipments operated. This training is done at the time of putting into function. Furthermore we advise all necessary information regarding the function of the equipment and supply Romanian and English instruction manuals.

KOZ-SERVICE Ltd. offers 24 months warranty period for the commercialized equipments. All equipments are delivered together with warranty and CE origin certificates and instruction manuals (in both Romanian and English languages).

Renting possibility of generating sets for various applications: construction, production, outdoor events, offices, shopping centers, gas-stations etc. At present, the available range for rent is 4,5 – 10 – 20 - 40 - 110 kVA output.

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